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by Wolfe Video
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Wolfe Video
Publisher: Wolfe Video
Alice Brooks
Format: Multiple Formats, Color, NTSC, Widescreen
Actors: Thea Gill, Dan Payne, Charlie David, Derek James, Grace Vukovic

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  • When Tyler Davidson brings his college buddy Chase home for the summer holidays a secret is revealed that threatens to tear his perfect family apart. This summer two young men discover the importance of friendship and second chances. The Davidson family appears practically perfect in every way. Chase arrives in the quaint cottage town of Prospect Lake and is faced with the challenge of controlling his attraction for Tyler s father, Nathan. But Chase isn t the only one with a wandering eye... Nathan struggles to resist his feelings for his son's best friend while safeguarding his life long secret to protect his family. What would you do if the one thing you wanted could ruin your life? The Davidson family's world is set to collapse as the affair is discovered. Can a man keep his family and still hold onto himself? Exceptionally well-written and packed with great performances from a strong cast that includes Charlie David (Dante's Cove, Judas Kiss), Thea Gill (Queer as Folk), Dan Payne (Watchmen), Derek James and newcomer Grace Vukovic.

    This well-meaning Canadian indie opens with the explanation that a "mulligan" in golf parlance means "a second chance to perform a certain move or action." Golf enthusiast Nathan Davidson (Watchmen's Dan Payne) seems to have it all--good looks, a beautiful wife, a big house by the beach--until a chance encounter forces him to face the truth (oddly, the screenplay fails to identify the source of his financial largesse). When Nathan's college-aged son, Tyler (Derek Baynham), arrives for a summer stay with his best friend, Chase (writer/producer Charlie David), an aspiring artist, Nathan bonds more easily with the friend than the son. From the start, it's clear that Chase has no interest in girls, but the self-obsessed Tyler fails to notice. While he cavorts with his girlfriend, stay-at-home mom Stacy (Thea Gill, Queer as Folk) looks after his younger sister, and Chase and Nathan enter into a secret affair. Naturally, it won't stay secret forever. Mulligans tackles a sensitive subject in a tasteful, if unadventurous manner, i.e. the actors have a certain chiseled soap-star look and convey inner turmoil by staring into space as piano music plays in the background. For those who find the omni-sexual films of, say, Todd Haynes unsettling (especially Far from Heaven), such unthreatening moves may help the medicine go down easier, but there's no rule that a coming-out film can't take a few chances. Even so, certain moments will surely hit home with anyone who's ever tumbled into a family secret or two. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

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