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Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian interview with ChicagoPride.com

Fri. June 15, 2007  by Gay Chicago Magazine

Andrew Christian
Summer is here! Have you been working out and eating well? Last week in Gay Chicago Magazine, Dana Caprina talked with designer Andrew Christian about his underwear line and summer swimwear.

GC: (Gay Chicago Magazine) When did you start designing?

AC: (Andrew Christian) I have been designing since I was in high school, basically for myself.

GC: What kind of stuff?

AC: Just like club clothes to go to various underground clubs back in the day. Its sort of how the line evolved in to what it is now.

GC: What is your design process? Is it like a 9-5 thing?

AC: It’s not a 9-5 thing. It can come at me anywhere, and it doesn’t come at me during the workday. I could be at the gym working out, and I could just think of something.

GC: Are you one of those people who always has a paper and pen with you?

AC: I try to, or I could be at the museum and looking at a painting and see colors that an artist used and get inspired by that. It could be any number of things or something out of necessity.

GC: How long as the Andrew Christian line been around?

AC: Ten years, but our underwear line is brand new , it was part of a line that we started for 2007, which has been doing really well.

GC: You also have a very hot swimwear collection. How many seasons are there every year?

AC: Basically, there are two seasons, spring/summer and resort. I have found out in the last few years that swimwear has become a full year, but our big push is for summer.

GC: Well, Chicago has a very short season for swimwear, so I have to ask, what’s in this season?

AC: Things like the smaller cuts are in, like the super-low bikinis are doing very well for us this year. We have been doing the low, square-cut, and it keeps doing well.

GC: How do you decide what is coming out each year. Do you test it out on your friends?

AC: Yeah, sometimes I will test them out, and sometimes I will just go with what has done well in the past and elaborate on it, And sometimes I just go with whatever I have been feeling.

GC: How does it work with you on the colors that you pick?

AC: I like to have a lot of fun, just playing different color combinations.

GC: I think it would be interesting just watching you come up with them.

AC: For me, it’s a lot of fun; but other people, think it’s hard. But I like working with the colors and combinations to get different looks.

GC: True or false - I hear you have an underwear that makes men look bigger up front?

AC: It’s true! We basically came up it with it. It’s the male version of the female push-up bra. It just gently picks everything up and pushes it out and gives it more visibility.

GC: Is this technology also in the swimwear?

AC: Yeah, it is. I think it makes even more of a difference in the swimwear, because in the swimwear, that’s all you’re wearing, so everything is evident and there.

GC: Have you ever had any comments from straight men about this show-it technology?

AC: I think at first they are a little put off, but once they try it, they like it.

GC: Best place for Chicago’s men to get your product?

AC: You can go to the Web site at www.andrewchristian.com; also Universal Gear on Broadway, Leathersports on Halsted, and Accura in Bucktown is bringing in the underwear.

GC: How many different swimsuit designs are there?

AC: We probably have 20 designs.

GC: How many different underwear designs?

AC: Right now, we are up to 40 different styles.

GC: Can someone date you and not wear your underwear?

AC: Yeah, but it just becomes more of a challenge for me!

GC: If we checked your underwear drawer, would there be anyone but your underwear in it?

AC: I pretty much only wear my underwear, but I wear them also before they are released. I have to make sure if they are comfortable, if anything needs to be changed.

GC: This being Pride month, any advice for kids coming out?

AC: It probably seems like a much bigger deal then it actually is. I would say, go with your heart! You will be open to so many more experiences by being true to yourself.

To see more of Andrew Christian’s clothing, go to www.andrewchristian.com. Andrew Christian is the official sponsor of the 2007 ChicagoPride.com float and online Pride Guide. Watch for the ChicagoPride.com float during the 38th Annual Chicago Pride Parade, Sunday, June 24th, with the Men of Minibar modeling Andrew Christian swimwear.

This interview was originally published in Gay Chicago Magazine and provided in partnership with www.gaychicagomagazine.com. All questions for Dana can be sent to Danacaprina@aol.com.

Interviewed by Gay Chicago Magazine