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Illinois veto session looms as marriage organizers push for last votes

Sponsors have between Oct. 22-24 and Nov. 5-7 to pass the bill in the veto session

Springfield, IL — Zero. That is the number of on-record "yes" votes for marriage equality added since May 31.

But LGBT leaders say that support for the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, SB10, is growing and they intend to see a vote on the bill during this fall's veto session.

LGBT leaders and sponsors are in the midst of a massive push to pass the bill, after an attempt to do so fell short during the spring session in May.

Illinois Unites for Marriage, the coalition of organizations leading that charge, has put 19 field organizers on the ground in 38 districts across the state. The campaign has also employed a field director and two deputy field directors under Campaign Manager John Kohlhepp, who was hired following the May shortfall.

"We hope to pass SB10 in the veto session," Kohlhepp said.

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Related: Hawaii governor calls special session on marriage equality

Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie on Monday called a special session of the Hawaii legislature to consider marriage equality legislation. The special session will begin October 28, 2013, that's less than a week after Illinois lawmakers will meet for a veto session, which could include a vote on marriage equality in the House.

Thirteen states and the District of Columbia have legalized same-sex marriage.
Let's be honest with ourselves and not give ourselves any illusions folks: this isn't happening before the 2014 election now, and may not happen until after the 2016 election thanks to the liars who made everyone think it was going to happen last spring.

Now they are saying that there is no guaranteed vote in the veto session this fall. Like this is really surprising. The Democrats hold a SUPERMAJORITY in BOTH chambers as well as a supportive governor, and yet they couldn't get 85\u0025 of their caucus behind something in the national party platform IN THE PRESIDENT'S HOME STATE. There are too many DINOs in Illinois, and they need to go, even if it means temporarily replacing them with Republicans. We know we aren't getting anywhere with the current Democrats, so it's time to throw them out so a new crop can emerge that will actually be true to civil rights as is said in the national party platform.

Did anybody honestly think that after that coward and falsifier Harris tucked his tail between his legs and whimpered away back in May that we were really going to pass it in the fall, when the number needed to pass it will be 71 instead of 60? They couldn't even get a firm 60 votes for the legislation back in the spring, and now we are supposed to believe they will magically come up with 71? Harris' colleagues scammed him into not making them actually go on record supporting marriage equality because they knew two things:

1) the fall veto session would require 71 votes instead of 60, meaning there's virtually no chance it would be brought up again this year.

2) by the time spring rolls around, we're right back to an election year, where they can use the excuse of not wanting to have to take any "controversial" votes that year due to not wanting to risk any of their political capital/power to make it happen.

This is all code for: don't expect it to happen until after the 2014 election, if that. Greg Harris screwed us all when he didn't hold the bigots' feet to the fire in May and force them onto the record. Even if it had gone down in defeat, we'd be no worse off than we are now and we'd know who to definitely target to defeat in the election. It's time to clean House, literally, and get people in that will actually support our civil rights under the law, because it isn't going to happen with the current idiots in charge.
Posted by Chris Jenkins on Fri, 9/13/2013 10:58 AM
Well Fudge I guess we will have to wait for another time.
Posted by Beverly Francis on Fri, 9/13/2013 5:14 PM
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