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Marriage rights supporters counter anti-gay protest in Logan Square

Robert Castillo: 'My Logan Square is welcoming and accepting'

Chicago, IL — The battle over marriage equality in Illinois took to the streets of Chicago's Logan Square and Humboldt Park neighborhoods Saturday, April 27, during a mostly peaceful exchange between pro- and anti-gay rights groups. 

Rev. Luis Ruiz of Christian Assembly Rios de Agua Viva
Rev. Luis Ruiz of Christian Assembly Rios de Agua Viva
Supporters of equal marriage rights for same-sex couples held a counter-protest against a rally led by the anti-gay Illinois Family Institute (IFI). The protest started at Palmer Square Park, 2200 N. Sacramento Ave., before spilling out onto Humboldt Blvd. 

Nearly 200 protesters, primarily Latino, prayed and listened to preachers, who told the crowd that the fight was over the "rights of the church."

"We are God's warriors fighting for Christ," chanted the crowd in Spanish. 

Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network, argued that the LGBT community has long advocated for the Latino community and immigration rights, something he said IFI has opposed.

"I know not just myself, but many people here on our side, are proud to have marched many times in Chicago's annual immigrant rights marches," Thayer told the crowd. "This is about equal rights for all."

At about 11 a.m., both sides began marching down Humboldt Blvd. as anti-gay protesters carrying Bibles, religious symbols and signs provided by IFI were flanked by over 100 gay rights advocates. Supporters carried rainbow flags and signs that included a number of pro-equality messages.

"Equal Rights for All," shouted pro-gay demonstrators as they marched down Humboldt Blvd. to North Ave. Despite a couple of tense exchanges, the demonstration remained peaceful. 

"What we're seeing here today is a very cynical attempt by the Illinois Family Institute to divide-and-conquer," Thayer told 

"This is not the Latino community marching against gay rights. It's just one element," he explained. "The Latino community is as diverse as the LGBT community."

Eric Highers, a Latino, and his friend Shelley DeHosse were among the gay rights supporters.

"I'm here to make my voice louder than the bigotry expressed today," Highers told "The LGBT community overlaps on other communities and I stand in solidarity of marriage equality."

The demonstration was personal for Robert Castillo, a longtime LGBT Latino activist and Logan Square resident.

"Me and my partner were both born and raised in Logan Square. He passed away last year and we'd been together for over 20 years. To have anti-gay folks come to Logan Square is an insult to me and his memory," said Castillo. "My Logan Square is welcoming and accepting."

The march ended without incident just before 12:30 p.m. when the anti-gay demonstrators gathered for a religious celebration in the parking lot of Casa Puertorriqueña at 1237 N. California.

Thayer said his group will continue to counter the anti-gay demonstrations organized by IFI.

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If Woman A, has been living in a committed household with her soul mate Woman B for 30 years, Antigays claim Woman A has no constitutional right to marry her soul mate.

Simply because Woman A does not have a penis.

Antigays insist that no other requirement is necessary for her to exercise her constitutional right to marry the law-abiding partner of her choice but to have a penis that she does not posess, nor want.

Nor can Woman B marry woman A, even though they are in a committed love relationship of many more years than most str8 "marriages".

Enter Man C, just out of prison for battering a second wife: he may exercise his constitutional right to marry Woman A, OR Woman B, and divorce and marry the other as often as he'd like, if given the chance.

Unlike the marriage rights of Woman A & B, which Antigays seem intent on trampling, Man C's marriage rights remain 100% intact, because he is heterosexual, and he presumably has a penis.

For this and no other reason, he may exercise the precise civil right, that Woman A is being denied. Because he has a penis, and she does not.

That, is illegal discrimination 101: it is not surviving federal court scrutiny now, and cannot ever be expected to survive any legal scrutiny under oath, in a court of law, no matter how much “chikin” you’re willing to stand in line and wait for.

Summer of Love 2013 – CA’s fail marriage ban along with DOMA’s federal implosions (stricken a 5th time just this week!) both will ensure that all 32 Antigay marriage dominoes WILL fall in America.

And America will become “more American”, for it.
Posted by TheoMckinney on Sun, 4/28/2013 5:21 PM
The human sacrifice of gay human beings -either literally or figuratively- done to appease God is imaginary and is in no one's Bible.

Something to think about when these supposed "faithful" spend their time weaponizing 6 - and only 6 bible verses - to justify the unjustifiable denigration of innocent human beings, with the belief that their chances in heaven would be improved with offerings of gay blood(literally or figuratively)

Such Antigays are sick, and theirs is the stuff that more sources of pure evil would be likely to endorse than any God of Jesus Christ, if one were A TRUE AND SPIRITUAL BELIEVER.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist:

I have said this before, and these Same "xtians" have no response about exactly "where" it is written that gay human beings are to be tortured so such phonies can get into heaven *Better*, or "Faster" or "Juicier" or...etc...

The will merely

a) change the subject,

b)pretend to "pray for the salvation" of the innocent people they are hell bent on denigrating, or

C)flee the posting site.

There is no excuse to pander to antigays over this issue any longer.

Posted by TheoMckinney on Sun, 4/28/2013 5:29 PM
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