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Anderson Cooper named gay 'Man Of The Year'

CNN anchor and talk show host Anderson Cooper has been named "Man of the Year" by readers of gay glossy Out.

Twenty-nine percent of readers voted to give Cooper the honor.

Also in the running were former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank (9.44%), Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes (2.26%), statistician and author Nate Silver (12.58%), Glee creator Ryan Murphy (3.09%), author and editor Dan Savage (9.66%), singer Frank Ocean (14.23%), U.S. soldier Bradley Manning (3.39%), actor Zachary Quinto (15.08%) and fashion designer Alexander Wang (1.07%).

Cooper came out gay early last year after ducking rumors for years.

In an appearance on ABC's The View, Cooper said he first came out to friends and family in high school but kept quiet publicly because his work as a CNN correspondent often takes him to places where violence against gay people is routine.

"I wanted a certain amount of privacy in my public life," he said. "Also I travel to a lot of very dangerous areas. I started as a war correspondent traveling by myself. And I didn't want to do anything that would add danger. I traveled to a lot of places where they kill gay people, and still continue to kill gay people. You know, Iraq, Afghanistan."

"But I also got to the point where I feel as a public person there is a responsibility to send the message that I'm very proud of being gay, I couldn't be happier being gay, and that you can be successful and you can be happy. And for those of us in public life, I just think it's important to make that statement."
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