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Gay rights advocates protest Chicago Chick-fil-A with kiss-in

Chicago, IL — Gay rights advocates staged a 'kiss in' Friday night at the Chicago Chick-fil-A restaurant to counter Wednesday's Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.

A couple kisses Friday outside Chicago's only Chick-fil-A :: instagram feed
A couple kisses Friday outside Chicago's only Chick-fil-A 
credit :: instagram feed
The Atlanta-based fast food chain came under intense fire by gay rights groups after President Dan Cathy admitted to being anti-gay during an interview published in the Baptist Press on July 16.

The controversy took center stage in Chicago when Alderman Joe Moreno, a vocal supporter of LGBT rights, said he would block plans to open a Chick-fil-A restaurant in his Northwest Side ward.

Although the owner of Chicago's only Chick-fil-A location, Lauren Silich, told the Windy City Times that she supports LGBT rights, a small number of gay rights advocates gathered outside the restaurant at 30 E. Chicago to participate in the National Same-Sex Kiss Day. 

"Kissing won't change this company. Kissing won't change anyone who's against us. Kissing will only let our allies know don't buy a sandwich here. Don't give them any more money," Richard Streetman told ABC7 Chicago

Equality Illinois had a team outside the restaurant collecting signatures on a petition to urge the state's universities and shopping malls from doing business with Chick-fil-A. The gay rights group will also petition Illinois lawmakers to support same-sex marriage. 

A few married couples opposed to marriage equality dressed in wedding attire and protested the Chicago 'kiss-in.' The group was lead by the reigning Mrs. Illinois, Jennifer Cruz.

Thousands participated in the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day on Wednesday, which was organized by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, resulting in record-setting sales.

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If companies are people and people vote with dollars then the destination of the restaurant’s donations are open for public debate. It very well should be an issue as to where peoples’ hard-earned money goes after the chicken goes down their gullet. This issue has made our little feathered friend the modern martyr as Chick-fil-A laughs all the way to the bank. Watch the poultry be nailed to the cross and pierced by the spear of destiny at the hands of those devious cows on my artist’s blog at
Posted by dregstudios on Sat, 8/4/2012 9:47 AM
O here we go again !
Posted by Tony Roy on Mon, 8/6/2012 5:30 PM
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Get ummm !!! Lol
Posted by Tony Roy on Mon, 8/6/2012 5:30 PM
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I went to the one in Racine Wi. and hardly anyone showed up! But on wednesday they had a line over 4 blocks long with the bible beaters
Posted by Russell Buchholz on Tue, 8/7/2012 10:50 AM
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