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Hearty Boys host Chick-fil-Gay Appreciation Day, August 1

Chicago, IL — Countering Mike Huckabee's Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, Chicago's Hearty Boys will host Chick-fil-Gay Appreciation Day on August 1. 

Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh, the Hearty Boys :: facebook feed
Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh, the Hearty Boys 
credit :: facebook feed
Steve McDonagh and partner Dan Smith, owners of the Hearty Boys catering company and the Hearty Boys restaurant, 3819 N. Broadway, will be serving fried chicken breast sandwiches on toasted buttered buns with pickles and a side of fries for $10.

The stylized sandwich by the Boys is similar to the popular chicken sandwich served by the Atlanta-based fast food chain. 

Chick-fil-A has come under intense fire by gay rights groups after President Dan Cathy admitted to being anti-gay during an interview published in the Baptist Press on July 16.

According to Equality Matters, Chick-fil-A has donated nearly $5 million to groups opposed to gay rights, including the Family Research Council (FRC).

The political firestorm took center stage last week in Chicago when 1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno said he would block Chick-fil-A's attempt to open a second Chicago location in his Ward. 

Conservatives rallied to Chick-fil-A's side with Huckabee and former GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum urging their supporters to patronize Chick-fil-A on Wednesday as part of Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. 

McDonagh and Smith, both successful caterers, restaurateurs, authors and gay parents, said they wanted to use their voice to protect families like their own. 

"We're dads. We're family men. As we hear the ugliness around us we choose to answer with grace and intelligence," McDonagh told "Its the family values we want to pass on to our young son."

In 2010 the couple invited Huckabee to dinner after the former governor and 2008 Republican presidential hopeful likened gay parenting to adopting a puppy. Huckabee never replied to the couple's invitation. 

The Hearty Boys Chick-fil-Gay Appreciation Day will begin 5 p.m. on Wednesday, August 1. All proceeds to benefit Equality Illinois, a Chicago-based gay rights advocacy group.
I wish I could participate, however I live an hour south of Fort Wayne, Indiana...
Posted by Michael Irwin on Mon, 7/30/2012 6:50 PM
Chick Fil A is NOT Homophobic, they have a right to support marriage between a man & women. Yes Im GAY, but this is America, & they have a 1st Ammendment Right to Free Speech.
Posted by ecko69 on Wed, 8/1/2012 5:20 PM
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