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Extreme heat to break later today

Chicago, IL — After three straight days with triple-digit temperatures, the record-breaking heat wave is expected to break later today. 

Hollywood Beach will be a popular destination this weekend :: dave ouano
Hollywood Beach will be a popular destination this weekend 
credit :: dave ouano
The National Weather Service calls for a high near 100 on Saturday before a cold front brings temperatures down to the 80s on Sunday.

"Relief is on the way," WGN meteorologist Tom Skilling wrote on his blog. "A cold front, poised over northern Lake Michigan as Saturday gets under way, is to begin barreling southward with increasing speed as "full-fetch" north to northeast winds consolidate behind it. Once they do, the oppressive heat, still in control as Saturday dawns, enters its final hours here."

Despite the falling temperatures, health officials still warn residents about the dangers of the excessive heat. 

The Cook County medical examiner's office has linked six deaths so far to the heat and is investigating four others.

Tips for Staying Cool
Drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day.
Take an occasional cool bath or shower.
Wear light, loose-fitting clothing and a hat.
Close the shades during the day to make homes cooler.
Use ceiling fans if possible.
Keep lamps and televisions away from the thermostat.
Avoid going out during the hottest part of the day.
Limit your amount of exercise, especially outdoors. 

Check on elderly relatives, friends and neighbors - call 311 to request a well-being check.
Keep your pets safe and cool. 
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