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Conan O'Brien apologizes for transgender joke

Chicago, IL — Late-night talk show host Conan O'Brien has apologized for a transgender joke he made during his Tuesday monologue on cabler TBS' Conan.

O'Brien took his show to Chicago, where he referred to Chicago as "the city of the big shoulders," then joked that it "was better than the name they almost went with … 'the unconvincing tranny.'" online editor Janet Mock, who came out transgender last year in an It Gets Better video, chided O'Brien on Twitter.

"@ConanOBrien You're better than you 'unconvincing tr*nny' bit You've deeply offended a fan who's trans."

Actress Jamie Clayton, who played the role of Kyla on season 3 of the HBO series Hung, also knocked O'Brien's joke.

"I used to LOVE @ConanOBrien. Now, after he used the 'T' word, not so much. Come on Conan, be a man and apologize to all the #GirlsLikeUs."

O'Brien apologized in a statement given to GLAAD.

"My staff and I had no idea that term was offensive to the transgender community," he said. "We apologize and you will not be hearing that term again."

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Didn't know that term was offensive? WTF??? Does this man, who supposedly keeps up with current events, NOT keep up with the news in pop culture as well? Hellooooooo, just last week it was Cake Boss! Dude needs to either pick a better lie or catch up with his ETV...
Posted by Devian Michaels on Tue, 6/19/2012 1:45 PM
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