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Out Magazine's "Hot List" Names DJ Joe Gauthreaux "Hottest DJ" for 2005

The June 2005 “Hot Issue” of Out Magazine - featuring the annual “Hot List” of 225 people, places and things that will make 2005 sizzle - names New Orleans native DJ Joe Gauthreaux as “Hottest DJ for 2005”.  (View the Photos | Subscribe to Out Magazine)

“Being named the hottest DJ for 2005 is a really cool honor,” said Gauthreaux upon hearing the news.  “DJ-ing is an extremely competitive industry.  The fact that I’ve been able to make a living doing what I love has been rewarding in itself.  But being recognized by the top national gay publication is truly gratifying.  I want to thank everyone at Out Magazine and all the many people who have supported my career through the years.”

Though the youngest of the top-line DJs, Joe Gauthreaux has manned the decks at some of the biggest clubs in the United States, including Crobar Miami and Crobar Chicago, Avalon in Boston and Los Angeles, Nation in Washington DC, Coliseum in Fort Lauderdale and next month, he’ll debut at Roxy in New York.  Gauthreaux has also made regular visits to Hydrate Chicago's DJ Booth.  He'll be back in Chicago spinning at Hydrate on August 28th, 2005.

Gauthreaux’s circuit resume is just as impressive, with major appearances at Black & Blue (Montreal), Gay Days (Orlando), White Party (Palm Springs), Blue Ball (Philadelphia) and Cherry (Washington DC).  He has released two albums from Centaur Entertainment, “Party Groove: Blue Ball” and hitting stores this week, “Cherry Ball 2005”.

“I was introduced to the club scene when I was 16 and it was an instant infatuation,” continues Joe Gauthreaux. “I love what the club atmosphere stands for: checking your inhibitions at the door and just letting go on the dance floor. My main mission, at every gig, is to lead clubgoers to places they can’t get to on their own. That’s what club music is all about.”

Joe Gauthreaux serves on a panel of 140 of the country’s most respected and revered DJs responsible for compiling Billboard’s weekly dance chart. Other DJs on the panel are David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Manny Lehman, and Susan Morabito.

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