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Obama: Michelle and I have made up our minds on gay marriage

President hosts gay pride month reception

Washington, D.C. — President Barack Obama reiterated his support for gay marriage as he hosted his third Gay Pride reception at the White House on Friday.

Roughly 500 people attended the annual event, which took place in the East Room.

Obama touted his administration's work on gay rights issues, including repealing the military's ban on openly gay service members, lifting the HIV travel ban, expanding benefits for the spouses of federal employees who are gay, and passage of the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act.

The president also reiterated his stand on gay nuptials.

"And Americans may be still evolving when it comes to marriage equality, but as I've indicated personally, Michelle and I have made up our minds on this issue."

He concluded with: "And as long as I have the privilege of being your president, I promise you, you won't just have a friend in the White House, you will have a fellow advocate for an American where no matter what you look like or where you come from or who you love, you can dream big dreams and dream as openly as you want."

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Yea and he is all talk, no action. All a political stunt to gain a few votes. Worst president ever
Posted by Ryan Lesnick on Sat, 6/16/2012 12:46 PM
He has done more for gay rights than any other president. I would say lifting the the HIV travel ban and repealing D.A.D.T. and openly supporting gay marriage qualifies as action. As far as a political stunt to gain votes... He may have actually lost moe voters than he gained by openly supporting the gay rights movement. BTW Bush was the worst president ever!
Posted by David on Thu, 6/21/2012 3:59 PM
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