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Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan blasts Obama on gay marriage

Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), has criticized President Barack Obama for endorsing gay marriage.

The 79-year-old Farrakhan spoke at the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday.

Holding a copy of the Koran, the religious leader said: "Males coming to males with lust in their hearts as they should to a female. Now don't you dare say Farrakhan was preaching hate, he's homophobic. I'm not afraid of my brothers and sisters or others who may be practicing what God condemned in the days of Lot," Farrakhan said. "That's not our job, to be hateful of our people. Our job is to call us to sanity. Our job is call the people to righteous conduct."

Later Farrakhan said Newsweek was mocking the president by describing him as the "first gay president." (By which they meant he sympathized with the gay community.)

"Now you think they're not mocking him? The first gay president. Now I never heard from Michelle that our brother, you know, was absent from duty. But he's the first president that sanctioned what the scriptures forbid."

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It is so disheartening that the media and powers that be are using every tactic to suppress votes that would reelect President Obama. The Gay community as we know it are comprised of people who under the constitution are also endowed by our
Creator with the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Like "straight" people, for lack of a better word, they work, pay taxes,live in our communities, and in many cases are within our family tree. So, President Obama as the president of these "United" States must afford all people equal rights. People, let's not lose focus on the real issues. Jesus taught we should love our neighbor as ourselves. The real issue today is there are those powers that be who wants to take America back to where those that have will rule over the have nots. Our President is a God fearing man, he is not the pope, he is not a preacher, he is not a minister he is The President of The United States
Posted by Lydia on Tue, 5/29/2012 2:24 PM
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