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Rick Santorum: Gay couples with kids are families

Rick Santorum on Friday said that gay and lesbian couples raising children are families.

When MIRS News' Kyle Melinn asked, "In your mind, is a lesbian or a gay couple who adopt children, is that a family?" Santorum answered, "Of course it's a family."

But when Melinn followed up the question with asking whether Santorum thought the government should promote such families, Santorum refused to expand on his answer and chided the media for asking him about gay rights.

"I think I've answered that question probably more than any other candidate," Santorum said.

"On preoccupation with these questions with me can be a little trying after a while. I mean, I don't think you ask these questions of everybody else with the insistency that you do with me. And I understand the game. I mean, you know, you're trying to create, you know, the perception that this is what Rick Santorum talks about, because I get asked these questions all the time," he said. 

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