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'Is My Son Gay?' Android app gives you the answer

A French software vendor is selling an Android app that answers the burning question parents want to know but cannot bear to ask: Is my son gay?

According to the tech blog, the Mon fils est-il gay? app sells for 99 Euro cents, about $1.34.

"It's basically just a game of 20 questions featuring deep and thoughtful yes and no questions pertaining to homosexual stereotypes like personal grooming, manner of dress, enjoyment of musical theater and his interest in sports (or rather lack thereof)," the blog wrote.

Gay rights groups have successfully petitioned Apple to remove offensive apps from its iTunes store, including an app from the "ex-gay" group Exodus International and the anti-gay marriage Manhattan Declaration app.

Another iPhone app deemed offensive by gay rights groups is Confession: A Roman Catholic App, which asks users to confess their gay sins. The $1.99 app from South Bend-based Little iApps asks: "Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?" Confession has not been removed by Apple.
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