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Boystown gets a new talk show

Move over ladies of the view, the boys of Chicago's only@brunch are moving in

Chicago, IL — Playing on the very gay tradition of friends gathering to chat over brunch, the interactive talk show only@brunch has just put out their premier episode online.

Describing itself as "Five gay guys talking sex, politics, culture, dating, relationships, health, and everything else fabulous," the show features a wide variety of topics with a heavy dose of snark and sass. 

The brainchild of Creator and Executive Producer Jared Hall, along with Executive Producers Brian Felder and Michael Mowers, the show features a cast of diverse backgrounds and ages talking about everything you would expect to hear over brunch with a group of friends.

The show is co-hosted by Felder and Hall along with Bradley Thomas, Craig Rathwell, Jesse Budlong, and Terrence Chappell

only@brunch celebrated its premier party at Sidetracks on Wed., Aug. 17, where they introduced the community to their hosts and staff. Over a hundred people turned out to chat while sipping brunch-themed mimosas and to catch a teaser of the premier episode, which is now online.

Having watched the show and attended the event I was pleasantly surprised by the easy chemistry between the hosts and the amount of laughs the episode got from the room. Also impressive was the interactive aspect, where the hosts asked attendees what they wanted to see discussed on future episodes, a feature also seen on the show's website. Suggestions ranged from the usual answers of sex and dating to more in-depth topics like being out at the workplace and gay hispanic issues.

All-in-all, this community based gab fest has tons of potential and is worth checking out! Be sure to visit their website at You can also follow the show on Facebook and Twitter.

The pilot of only@brunch is available on the show's YouTube Channel. New episodes will be available online every Wednesday.
Cute idea! But this episode was filmed at night...?
Posted by Jason Pike on Fri, 8/19/2011 3:28 PM
Sounds interesting. But I wonder if they will ever include anyone not among the 'twink/pretty-boy' community... A young cub or experienced bear would be a great addition
Posted by Chicago Bears & Cubs Group on Fri, 8/19/2011 3:42 PM
is this really necessary?
Posted by marc on Sun, 8/21/2011 6:13 PM
While I am not certain how each co-host identifies himself (twink, jock, pretty-boy, alternative, etc...), we would love to have someone on as a special guest who identifies as a 'bear', or 'young cub'. Email and we will get you on. Thanks for the idea.
Posted by downtowncupid on Mon, 8/22/2011 1:54 PM
Only at Brunch was canceled after just one episode. One of the hosts, Jesse Budlong, made a joke in very bad taste about Trig Palin and it set off a giant controversy. The bar Sidetrack played the video and got in a lot of trouble nationally for playing a video that made fun of a baby with Down Syndrome. So Only at Brunch did a lot of harm and made a lot of people angry so they canceled it. Jared Hall took down the Facebook page, stopped updating Twitter, and stopped posting YouTube videos. It was a complete disaster for everyone associated with it.
Posted by JeffLynch on Sun, 10/9/2011 5:15 AM
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