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Pride float tires cut hours before Chicago parade

Chicago, IL — Dozens of tires on floats headed for Chicago's Pride Parade were cut with a knife overnight, the Windy City Times first reported. 

"This is catastrophic," Chuck Huser, owner of Associated Attractions told the paper.

Parade coordinator Richard Pfeiffer told that about 30 floats were affected. He does not expect the parade to be delayed but says some floats will drop to the end of the parade. Some entries, unfortunately, may no longer be able to participate. 

"We will not let this stop us," Pfeiffer told 

In what could be a hate crime, tires on the floats housed at the companies southwest side warehouse were cut just hours before the parade on Sunday. 

The only damage by the attackers were done to the floats intended for Chicago's Pride Parade. 

The start of the Parade could be delayed as Huser and his team work to repair the damages. 

The 42nd annual Chicago Pride Parade is scheduled to step off Sunday at noon from Halsted St. and Belmont. 

More at Windy City Times.

Civil unions, gay marriage energizes Chicago Pride Parade, stepping off at noon today
hope these morons get what they deserve >:( jerks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Beverly Mitofsky on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:32 AM
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Posted by Patty Vaccarella on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:32 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620338
this is bogus!
Posted by Beverly Mitofsky on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:32 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620339
Fucking idiots!!!!!!
Posted by Abel Junior on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:35 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620364
We are still PROUD and let's be honest...nothing stops a gay parade.
Posted by Jason Pike on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:36 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620378
pshhh! HATERS! bet that still dnt stop the parade from goin on! HAPPY PRIDEEEEEEEEEE!
Posted by Mely Melz Ortiz on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:38 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620394
we will rock em bitches
Posted by Beverly Mitofsky on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:41 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620404
Douche bags!
Posted by Gina Simmons on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:41 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620405
Fucking haters!!!!...they think this is going to stop us! NOT!!!!!!! see y'all there :D
Posted by Miguel Jimenez on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:48 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620452
There's gotta be some glitter glue to fix that!!
Posted by Miguel JaJa on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:48 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620453
I LOVE SHINY STUFF :D woo bring on the glitter
Posted by Beverly Mitofsky on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:51 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620470
The LGBTQ community is pretty smart so it just may start a lil late but WE will come up with a solution for this very small problem. But whoever did the shit is gonna have a bad rest of the mom is from lousiana...need I say more! Now where is that old spell book?! Fuckers!
Posted by Saminta TaMara Williams on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:57 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620495
Posted by Beverly Mitofsky on Sun, 6/26/2011 8:58 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620504
That's fucked up! Someone is full of hate to do something like that!!! I
Posted by Christopher Inman on Sun, 6/26/2011 9:05 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620531
Hey Chris if they used that negative energy and transfer it in2 something positive they may can come up with a cure for cancer, aids, lupis...hell the common cold! Don't worry they shall get theirs!
Posted by Saminta TaMara Williams on Sun, 6/26/2011 9:07 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620549
We live nearby. Can we help you change tires? The show must go on!
Posted by Aaron Hoffman on Sun, 6/26/2011 9:14 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620580
That's fucked up!
Posted by Matt Wilkison on Sun, 6/26/2011 9:15 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620585
Some closet case gone wild... either that or the TeaParty is in town.
Posted by Aaron Hoffman on Sun, 6/26/2011 9:22 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620640
Posted by Ray Hunsaker on Sun, 6/26/2011 9:38 AM
FBItem: 27708481369_242486609095029_3620742
Won't stop us. We will carry the there floats
Posted by cec2423 on Sun, 6/26/2011 10:59 AM
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