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Chicago is Dining Out for Life, Thursday, April 28

Chicago, IL — On Thursday, April 28, over 3,500 restaurants in 56 cities across the U.S. will host Dining Out for Life, which aims to raise funds for local HIV/AIDS charities. With the help of more than 250,000 diners, Dining Out for Life expects to raise over $4 million to support those living with HIV/AIDS.

Dining Out for Life at Halsted's in 2009 :: frank failing
Dining Out for Life at Halsted's in 2009 
credit :: frank failing
"Dining Out for Life is an easy and fun way to support a great cause," said the campaign's spokesperson, Ted Allen, host of Food Network's hit series Chopped. "Gather a group of friends and have a good meal amongst others in your community that are there for the same reason."

Dining Out for Life, which is the single largest HIV/AIDS benefit in the country, is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. The unique fundraising event was started in 1991 by a volunteer for ActionAIDS in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

In Chicago, over 100 participating local restaurants will contribute up to half of the meal ticket to Chicago's EdgeAlliance as part of the 18th annual Dining Out for Life.

Last year, EdgeAlliance raised over $100,000 to continue its mission of providing housing with life services to women, children, and men living with HIV/AIDS. This year the organization hopes to raise $250,000. 

Some of the participating Boystown - Lakeview restaurants include: Chicago Diner, Firefly, Halsted's Bar and Grill, HB: Home Bistro, Hearty Boys, Jack's On Halsted, Kit Kat Lounge and Supperclub, Minibar Ultra Lounge and Cafe, Nookies Tree and Taverna 750.

For a complete list of participating restaurants, go to See if your city is participating and find a restaurant by visiting

"The generous contributions by participating restaurants go a long way to help AIDS service providers in a time of major funding cutbacks," said Allen. 

EdgeAlliance leaders say they are proud to participate in this fundraising event as they continue to raise awareness of issues relating to HIV and AIDS in the Chicago area.
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