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Rachel Maddow says closeted gay news anchors ‘have a responsibility to come out'

Rachel Maddow has a message for closeted gay news anchors, "if you're gay you have a responsibility to come out."

Rachel Maddow :: msnbc
Rachel Maddow 
credit :: msnbc
The MSNBC host made the comments in an interview with the UK's Guardian. She talks about growing up, coming out and working in cable news. 

The Guardian's Hadley Freeman asks Maddow if she feels frustration about "an equally well-known news presenter who is widely assumed to be gay but has never come out."

Maddow responds, "I'm sure other people in the business have considered reasons why they're doing what they're doing, but I do think that if you're gay you have a responsibility to come out."

The news anchor goes unnamed in the interview published Monday, but there is widespread speculation on the Internet that the question was about CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Earlier this month, Out magazine named Cooper and Fox News anchor Shepard Smith among the most influential gay figures on its Power 50 list. 
I bet she's talking about Anderson Cooper.
Posted by Jose Salazar on Mon, 4/25/2011 4:17 PM
she should mind her own business...everyone has the right to come out when they are ready...
Posted by Nelson Landon Rodriguez on Mon, 4/25/2011 4:17 PM
she's so annoying
Posted by Weird Phoenician on Mon, 4/25/2011 4:18 PM
you can't force people to come out, they need to do it when the time is right for them.
Posted by Natalie Pardo on Mon, 4/25/2011 4:38 PM
Jose, Nelson, Natalie, "Weird"...these are NOT private citizens, they are public figures that will send a message to others that being gay is not so rare, and being gay does not mean you must hide who you are! have no sense of history if you truly do not understand the call first made by Harvey Milk in the 1970s for queers to come out...personally I find people like YOU three the annoying ones---GO RACHEL! (oh,and you might try reading before you go spouting off like fools)
Posted by Thom Davis on Mon, 4/25/2011 4:52 PM
I like her a lot, but I agree with Nelson, the only responsiblity anyone has at the place of employment is to do a damn good job. No one should assume that they are or pressured into being role models. Anderson or anyone else who chooses to keep their personal life, personal is entirely their choice and they are no less gay or influential because of that choice. No one should be required to wear their sexuality on their sleeve or out in the open.
Posted by James Alonzo Teague on Mon, 4/25/2011 5:00 PM
she needs to mind her own business
Posted by CPBrian on Mon, 4/25/2011 7:34 PM
Yes, she needs to mind her own business. No one should be forced to come out before they want to.
Posted by Robert Gonzales on Mon, 4/25/2011 9:35 PM
\u0040thom davis... sure they are public people and sure it could help the gay community but still they are PEOPLE after all. They have feelings and insecurities. You cant just say it would be alright for them...
Posted by Nelson Landon Rodriguez on Tue, 4/26/2011 12:00 AM
I think she is just looking for publicity. Glad to see my gaydar is working cuz I thought she was gay but didn't know she was out until now.
Posted by LindaG2011 on Tue, 4/26/2011 11:29 AM
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