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Quinn: Senator Brady would rather LGBT people not exist

Chicago, IL — In the final week before Election Day, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn continues to reach out to Illinois gay population, hoping to highlight the stark differences between him and his Republican opponent State Sen. Bill Brady. 

"Senator Brady is dangerous for Illinois," Quinn said in an interview with Chicago's Grab Magazine. "I also fear what would happen to our social protections for women and the LGBT community if Senator Brady was to win."

In the interview published this week, Quinn says Brady wants to remove protections from the Human Rights Act that would allow people to be fired or kicked out of their apartments for being gay. 

"Senator Brady doesn't believe in equality for women and would rather LGBT people not exist," said Quinn. "I've always included LGBT issues as part of my platform."

Brady is opposed to gay marriage and civil unions, and has proposed a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage in Illinois. 

Quinn is supportive of civil unions and has received the endorsement of Equality Illinois, a gay rights advocacy group.

"In a Quinn Administration, it's 'Everybody In, Nobody Out," Quinn told the gay newsweekly. 

A new Tribune/WGN poll released Tuesday shows Brady with a slim edge over Quinn. 

The general election is Nov. 2. Visit to locate your polling place. 

Read the full Grab Magazine interview with Gov. Pat Quinn at
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