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5% Of NBA Gay Player Asserts

New York City — Five percent of the players in the National Basketball Association are gay says Orlando Magic guard Tracy McGrady. 

McGrady, who has a reputation for making bold statements made the assertion in an interview with gutsy men's magazine Stuff.

McGrady tells writer Bill Schulz that not only are five percent of the players in the league gay, he's seen evidence of it in the locker rooms.

In a question-and-answer interview at McGrady's Orlando area mansion, Schulz asked McGrady, "Here's a pertinent question: How many homosexuals are currently playing in the NBA?"

"I think about 5 percent," McGrady said.

Schulz then said, " Wow. That's a huge amount for such a macho profession."

But, when Schulz pressed him for details, McGrady refused to name names or provide details of how he came to his conclusions.

"Have you observed any specific incidents that allow you to make that statement" Schultz asks.

"Yeah," McGrady said. 

He also refused to be drawn into making judgments or say how he personally feels about gays in the locker room.

This spring Colorado Rockies reliever Todd Jones caused a furor after telling the Denver Post that gays should not be allowed in major league baseball ( story) and two years ago then Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker went on a tirade against gays, people with AIDS, and immigrants in a Sports Illustrated article.

The McGrady interview will appear in the November issue of Stuff, a sister publication of men's magazine Maxim. 

by Doug Windsor Newscenter
New York Bureau
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