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I am 24 yrs old..I am a gemini. I have been a lesbian for 6 yrs already. I am happy that I came out. I am a femme and I am interested in a butch like chick. I work at a 500 fortune company and is successful. I have my own place and I have transportation. I have no kids, and no baggage. I am pretty happy with life so far. I have a Bachelors Degree in communications, and interested in getting my Masters Degree within the next couple years. So I have alot of free time and would like to date and possibly more.

Likes: I want to add that I am currently in a relationship. My fiance and I reside in Lombard. I am looking for friends.My ideal friend is for someone to make me laugh. I love to be entertained...! I like someone that is honest, and can trust me when I go out to a club...or with some friends. Also I would like them to enjoy going out to clubs and bars. Drinking and smoking is no bother to me.

Turn-offs: Once again my turn offs is someone that is serious all the time, and is possesive. I need someone that is clean cut...and takes showers everyday. I do not want someone that is not interested in education, and do not work. My ideal chick would have to have some goals she will like to fulfill.

Morgan Stanley
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