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I am an open, out lesbian, very confident in myself but known to be humble. Creative, passionate, and not afraid to show others who I am and what I'm working with. I belive that all things are made possible by going after what you want, and it is passion that breeds success, not hard work!!A lover of beauty, and passionate about life, I give as much back into this life as I am possible of giving, a true humanitarian, and child at heart. I believe life is an adventure, and all things are possible.Peace and Love my sisters.

Likes: Women who are comfortable in their skin, are open minded, and ambitious.Women who take pride in their appearance and are not afraid to be noticed.Fems and soft butch types.Sense of humor, and women that don't take life too seriously, but know how to be serious when they need to!Those who still believe love is possible and are romantics at heart.Poets, artists, and other creatives.Good attitude, positive thinkers.

Turn-offs: Liars and loud mouths.Closeted women. Women with low ambition, and closed mindedness.

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