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Moving Through Life

One thing about me is being totally honest. I guess I'm a typical Sagittarius in that I help others before myself and am usually active, trying to burn both ends of a candle at once.

Witty and kind, honest to a fault and true romantic in body and soul. I'm an avid cyclist . I'm a "take charge" guy but does like to work with a partner.

Likes: I'm looking for my life mate, not a hopeful, quick relationship, I want someone thats true to me, , and us. Someone that when they get good news, I'm the first one they want to tell. I want the kind of relationship that if something were to happen to my man, I'd be the person called, because I am his family, , , know what I mean? I want a best friend, lover, and lifemate, , more or less in that order. I am a romantic man who knows in life nothing is perfect. But i want a man who is willing to not walk away when problems come up and does not want to deal with them. For me its about knowing at the end of the day , my man , and i are what is most important in life and that is what matters . For in life , we all have things in life that we enjoy but spending that quility time with my man is number one in my book.

Turn-offs: Evil humor, intolerance, dull conversation, liars.



Reading is quickly becoming something I like doing but holding off a bit as the weather is still fantastic! Otherwise, I'm on one of my bikes riding around the city

Favorite movies

The Big Fish, Monty Python' The Holy Grail, The Meaning of Life, part 1, Run Lola Run, Roadhouse, RENT,Pulp Fiction

Favorite music

Basically I like all kinds of music

Favorite food

Asian, Mexican, veggie

Favorite TV shows

Las Vegas, Star Trek Enterprise, Designing Women, Golden Girls




Reeling Film Festival 2014 Reeling 32 Film Festival
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