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As the youngest of 7, i retain a childlike reverie for engaging in social activities. I easily convey warmth, stability, and love, while fostering a strong desire for personal fulfillment, change, and improvement. Flexibility, kindness, & introspection are three cornerstones of what i seek to offer and receive from an intimate partnership. I have strong interests in the politics of culture, with an eagerness to comprehend and explore new tastes, art, and the social milieu. see personal statement.

Likes: My interests vary but i generally seek someone who is willing to express themselves expecting everything and nothing from my company. Someone strong enough to be without a partner while daring enough to commit and depend on one. Someone who is wise enough to know how little they know but compassionate enough to share in their mysteries.

Turn-offs: selfishness, arogance, conceitedness, superficiality, and most importantly an unwillingness to communicate (especially emotions).

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