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I am an ENFP/Idealist Champion with a Vagabond soul. I am intelligent and independent but not elitist. Sometimes the urge to make my words tangible is so strong, I pull over when I'm driving to feverishly write them onto a napkin. I can make balloon animals. I can teach you if you prove yourself worthy. I am always on the lookout for spelling and grammatical errors... is my best friend. Watching parents sing along with their children has been known to bring tears to my eyes. I think my pug is humor personified. I want to know what you are passionate about.

Likes: A woman's body is a work of art. I simply adore the soft curves, sweet smells and beautiful noises of a woman. I am attracted to intellect, piercings, tattoos, confidence and a great sense of humor.

Turn-offs: I haven't been with too many women, so nothing has turned me off so far. I think some traits like cockiness, lacking the ability to laugh at oneself, someone who doesn't like dogs, being too shy, calling me her "bitch" and not being able to communicate her needs would turn me off to a woman.

Up Center champaign
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