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I'm not thirty-something... just $29.95 plus shipping and handling

Achievement focused, but easy going always have a positive attitude with a passion for adventure.

I spend alot of time working with the entire CP gang to make CP the best guide to Chicago's gay community, dining, nightlife, photos, dating, advice as we can!

Some likes: time with friends, traveling, Sunday brunch, charitable events, foreign films, Disney, WWE, comic books, technology, road trips, outdoors, my iPod/iPhone/iPad, dinner parties, history channel, college football, glee-ing, gaming, coding, photography and shopping.

I live in the Chicago neighborhood of Lincoln Square, where you can find the most awesome old-world architecture mixed in with some new trendy hotspots.



Keeping a balanced life through work and play.

I'm into all types of cultural experiences whether it be spending a day at the museum or traveling to the other side of the earth. I love the theatre, from the experimental alternatives to Weber and Mackentosh productions.

In addition, I love goin' out weekends and dancing, cooking for friends and having fun dinner parties, surfing the web, enjoying the sunshine by the lakefront and working on

Favorite movies

Action, adventure, comedy. The works.

Favorite music

My iPod is just full of every type of music out there. Idina Menzel, Cher, Madonna & Justin, Tim & Faith, Brad Paisley, Martina McBride, Russel Watson, Bocelli, White Party 05 and the Wicked Soundtrack are on my current playlist at the moment.

But to keep it short - pop, country, easy listening, classical, soundtracks, musicals, gospel, rock, oldies, disco, indie, dance & high energy and maybe even a little gangsta rap.

Favorite food

I enjoy all kinds of food, including but not limited to italian, indian, thai, japanese, and pizza. My favorite? ask me.

Favorite TV shows

My TV vices are "Heroes" on NBC, "Lost" on ABC, "Smallville" on the WB, and "Fox News in the Morning." In addition, almost anything on the History Channel intrigues me.

"Lost" is just great mental exercise.

"Smallville" just so I can always keep in touch with my inner child.

"Heroes" is just a great show overall.


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how r u,hope u had a gr8 weekend,don't b a stranger,keep n touch?

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Hey! How've you been?

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Thanks for the sweet comment about my Mr. Chicago Leather photos! I miss you. We need to hang out very soon.

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Hey Matt,

r u still in champaign?

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Hello Pineapple!

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Morgan Stanley
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