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Girls Like Us! Season 1-10

I, Anike Bay is the author of "Girls Like Us! Season 1,2,and 3." At the current time I'm turning season 1 into a movie which is scheduled to premiere June 22nd,2012 at The Portage Theater.



Reading,Writing,Film making,and Relaxing

Favorite movies

Girls Like Us! Season 1 . . .coming out in June
The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep Part 1
The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep Part 2
The Death of A Salesman
The Invasion of The Body Snatcher
Friday 1,2,and 3
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Disappearing Act
Madea Goes To Jail

Favorite music

House Music
Gospel Music

Favorite food

Italian,Nigerian,Mexican,Soul Food,Chinese

Chicago Commercial Collective Chicago Commercial Collective Greenhouse Theater
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