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"Too beautiful to die. Too wild to live" ? My favorite movie is Gia, and that quote is something that resonates with me. My name is Jennifer, call me Jenn. I love watching house, or seeing horror and comedy movies. Loved pirates of the Caribbean 4. I am impatiently anticipating the future, going to be a junior at UIC this fall going for Pre-med. I have an odd fascination for weird activities, I jumped off a cliff in Wisconsin last summer, and want to go sky diving this summer. Currently I am a bartender at TGI Fridays. I'm down for life's ride, I love challenges, and puzzles. I hate norms, they are so boring. I like Britney Spears, and dancing on stages with lasers. I am afraid of birds. I have a fetish with medical words and poetry. I love beautiful people, on the outside, but the inside matters more. I am the most loyal person you will ever meet, friends are amazing people to have, I've been hurt a lot because people are liars, but I don't regret anything. I love with all my heart and want to meet people that are on the same page. I am looking for someone genuine, who is not around to play games, to have a great time with. Likes to go out, dance, and have fun.

Likes: I love intelligence, and spazz. Someone who can be entertaining and make me laugh. Someone that is not boring like half the world, if you are interesting, then I will be interested. Eyes, and a beautiful smile are such a turn on for me. Honesty and someone who is trustworthy. Sensitive. My weakness is nails running down the back of my neck, and down my back. A girl blowing in my ear, sucking on my neck. A good kisser is always a turn on for me as well.

Turn-offs: Demands and expectations make things uncomfortable. Drug users. Workaholics. Biting too hard. Lying, backstabbing, cheating. Fake people with no sense of self.

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