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I am an exuberant, self-confident person and love life and can find pleasure in most things. Good conversation and laughter are two things I value very highly. Honesty and directness are equally important. No sense in beating around the bush, especially since at times I can be terribly thick. (Can't we all?) I consider myself to be an overall rational person and have trouble dealing with an irrational worldview in others. I am new to Chicago and am starting a history PhD program at U of C. Living in Hyde Park.

I'm a high femme currently working on my PhD in history. I consider myself to be a very loyal person and also very passionate about a number of things in my life, including my scholastic endeavors and fashion and makeup. In my free time I love going shopping and watching TV, which is often a welcome relief after a day of hard studying. I have a bit of a zany sense of humor and can be quite bubbly, but am often fairly reserved. I would love to get to know especially feminine women and anyone who is not immersed in the world of academia. I get along with a lot of different kinds of people and my only real requirement is that you be smart and interested in the world around you.

Likes: intelligence, femininity and beauty, cuddling, makeup, classical music, intellectual pursuits, good manners, older women, level-headedness, rationality, good conversation

Turn-offs: smoking, poor manners, arrogance, neuroses, irrationality, pettiness, butchiness



Fashion and makeup (and therefore shopping), finding out what's going on in the world (The Economist is my favorite magazine), fantasy novels (my handle is from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series), crime shows, taking long walks

Favorite movies

LoTR movies, Dr. Strangelove, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Ocean's 13

Favorite music

Bobby McFerrin (anything and everything by him), anything Bernadette Peters sings

Favorite TV shows

Law & Order (and spinoffs), NCIS, NYPD Blue

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