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Just looking for a nice gay friend to spend some time with. I'm a happy person that likes to run, Tai-Bo, travel, drive around, see movies, go out to eat, be seen, shop with a coffee in my hands, sing with the windows rolled down in my car, entertain my cat (Rowdy), learn languages, and who will find that perfect person some day. Hmmm, guess thats all for now.

Likes: Sensitive, Compassionate individuals who like to travel or happen to speak other languages... boldness, knowing who you are and what you like to do ... people that are into the world and experiencing it... through movies, music, travel...

Turn-offs: people who have nothing else in their life except ther person that their dating, indecisive people who don't know what to do or have nothing to say... lies, drugs, very sexual people...selfishness, very feminine people (for a relationship not friendship)

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