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Intellectual and physical stimulation seeker.

Enjoy great conversation and a good athletic companion to push my limits physically and mentally.

Easy going athletic renaissance woman...yet still an avid learner humbled by life and humanity...who lets chemistry dictate course towards friendship or more. ;)

Likes: Joie de vivre, Beautiful Smiles, Sparkling Eyes full of life, Active & Healthy Lifestyles, Dancing, Intellect, Wit, Passion, Pulchritude.

Turn-offs: Drama, Debbie-Downers, Smoking, Drugs, Sarcasm, Bathroom humor, Poor manners, and Unnecessary use of profanity.



Running, Yoga, Soccer, Tennis, V-ball, Swimming, mainly Non-Fiction with a dash of Fiction, Current Events, Volunteering, Politics, Pop Culture, Fashion, World Music, Live Music, Foreign & Indi Films, Farmer's Markets, Fine Cuisine, the Arts (Ballet, Broadway, Museums, Opera, Symphony, Theatre), Traveling, Board Games, Cooking, and the usual suspects (Family, Friends, Socializing).

Morgan Stanley
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