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I do everything that just about everyone else does... OK that was a little corny! I am the person that always gives 110%. Whether it be at home or at work I'm the one that will make it happen. I love to go out or just chill. I am always the person in the group that has to tell that funny story because I can tell it the best. Yep you guessed it....I love to have fun!!!!

Well I love to meet new people.I have a wild side that comes out once in a while. I love to be spontaneous. I'm a lover not a fighter!! I can hang out with just about anyone. I have a huge heart on the inside. I'm a positive person and I love animals

Likes: A girl with self esteem, a girl that is not afraid to be herself. Obviously someone with a education.

Turn-offs: People the are self centered. People that just could give a sh** how you day went as long as there's has been good. I can't stand clingy people


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