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Planting the seed of positivity

I can never lie, cheat but i do stand up for myself and the ones i love when someone chooses to be unethical. I'm very outgoing, laid back down to earth chick. I love life and I'm happy within my self and others.

my profile pic wont show so u can check me out on facebook

I'm a very caring woman that that would do anything to help someone in need. I'm a young youth care professional working with the at-risk population.

Likes: sweetness with a cool down to earth flow that is loving life.

Turn-offs: bitchy, uncaring and - ppl.



I enjoy dancing, sports, games, boardgames, video games ... pretty much anything.

Favorite movies

the labyrinth, never ending story, goonies, AVATAR!! soo good. lol all zombie movies. After I watch a good zombie movie i always have dreams that night about being a super bad ass hero and killing them. lol super hero complex?

Favorite music

i love it all no joke.

Favorite food

sushi... i and anything healthy.

Favorite TV shows

used to be lword... now im just a lost pup. lol um i dont really like tv. I like educational channels like history channel. ooooooooh and ghost shows lol "did you hear that? wait shhh" lol hides*

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Reeling Film Festival 2014 Reeling 32 Film Festival
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