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Summer equals Beach and Boys!!

Im a very hardworking person ...I love to crank the car stereo and dance and sing where ever im going... my favortie color is green. I have been hurt many times and im just looking for friends and if more comes from it then so be it, but until then im doing just fine

Likes: laughter..if you can make me laugh then your all in... i also love a good massage ... that always puts me in the

Turn-offs: long hair on girl long



listening to music ...going to concerts..traveling to amazing locations...meeting new people...dancing with friends. Staying home and cooking. Grabbing a drink after work. shopping!!! I also love to jog in the evening and watch the sun go down.

Favorite movies

i love a walk to remember... Eragon.. harry potter... chick flicks.. and scary movies that will make you jump out of your seat...I like crazy special effects.

Favorite music

todays hit's.... i like just about just not big into heavy metal...

Favorite food

pizza!! lamb chops....lemon rice soup!!

Favorite TV shows

GLEE! all the way baby...

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