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Just looking around...hoping to meet new friends...

I am a 21 year old Filipino... I am currently working in an office and is living independently... I love the sun...the breeze and dogs... I enjoy meeting interesting people and having weird intelectual conversations... My ears are solely for music LOL... My eyes are usually consumed by movies and my taste buds indulge in exotic cuisines...

I want to meet new friends since i just moved in to Chicago... If you're the kind of person who prefers to enjoy the peaceful comfort of the home than the chaotic scene of the can be in my circle... :)

I don't smoke and do drugs...I drink occasionally... and definitely not into one night stands... I just wanna have good friends to be with during the weekends... msg me if you're interested!! :)

I am looking for new friends... I am spontaneous but can be OC too... If you want to know more about me...all you have to do is ask.. :)

Likes: Sensible and humble people...They know they have so much to brag but they remain silent about it... :)

Turn-offs: Perverts and boastful people... they are often pretentious and dishonest...



Music, arts, photograhpy,movies, dogs, good friends and good times!!!

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