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Total top here, just out a few weeks ago. 22/med student. I'm not in agreement, but I have been told I'm very good looking - I turn many heads at the bars. Also been told I'm "built like a brick house." Very athletic, and looking for the same - someone to work out with and see what happens. I'm dating now, but not too sure where it's leading. Besides I wanna see what else is out there before I get in too deep!

Likes: A nice smile, muscles, nice eyes, tact, and the ability to make me laugh. I also like guys w/big, sweet dogs - shows their masculinity while also showing their sensitivity.

Turn-offs: One-nighters, "queens" or fem guys, being grabbed as I walk through a bar (boys, it's tachy!), and not calling or emailing like you say you will. I like a guy who knows what he's doing, but also don't want someone who's been around the block too much.

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