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i am originally from chicago but have not lived there in many years. for the last two years i have been living in the amazing city that is San Francisco and loving it. but i recently decided to move back to chicago to be closer to my family and finish up school at columbia college for illustration. im joining this website to try to get a familiarity of gay chicago since that is the only part of the city i have not experienced while living there. i really want to meet people who can advise me around gay chicago, where to go, whats fun, whats popular

hey boys, im planning on moving back to chicago over the summer, i have not lived there since i was 16 so never got to experience true chicago. im currently in san francisco and the whole city is gay friendly and i know chicago isnt the same way so i wanted to get some help before the move of places to go, good bars and clubs, even where to live, and maybe even make a couple friends. thanks

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