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Gentle man seeks friends and Lovers

I'm an interesting person to say the least. I have interests in Music, Astrology and spirituality.
I prefer those people who are rational in there thinking. I don't like games.

naval veteran, who is taking karate, interested in bizarre subjects

Likes: eyes lips hands

Turn-offs: people with unresolved baggage, those who like to play games . . .



My interests are in digital music, video, and news. like researching subjects that get people talking.

Favorite movies

half baked incredible hulk gremlins goonies the spiderman movie series transformers

Favorite music

smooth jazz rock grudge classic r&b blues classical

Favorite food

anything that doesn't run off my plate . . .

Favorite TV shows

Grey's Anatomy Ugly Betty desperate housewives

Gay Days Six Flags Gay Day Six Flags
Up Center champaign
Reeling Film Festival 2014 Reeling 32 Film Festival
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