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The world is my playground..


I'm a well rounded individual. I lead a well balanced life between work and personal time. I love any outdoor activity such as camping, boating, hiking etc. I also enjoy traveling, all types of music and a variety of movies. I'm a hopeless romantic and believe that the "One" is still out there. Is it you? Take a chance, write me and let's find out.

I currently volunteer for Cafe Pride at Lakeview Presbyterian Church in Chicago. It is a Friday night program for adolescents of all kinds to come out to socialize and have positive adult interaction. We are looking for more volunteers as some Friday nights we have more than a 100 kids with only 6 volunteers. If you are interested and want to make a difference in these kid's lives, please contact me for more details.

Likes: intelligence, humor, attractive, witty, integrity, considerate, clean, romantic, strong, passionate, sweet, thoughtful, compromising, interesting conversationalist, loves traveling and new adventures.



One of my new pleasures in life is volunteering. It really is a great feeling to be able to make a positive difference in someone's life who really need it.!/profile.php?id=520293319

Favorite movies

Too many to name, am a movie freak.

Favorite music

All kinds of music excite me..

Favorite food

I like anything with taste, not too fond of really spicy food though. I am Colombian after

Favorite TV shows

The LWord, Weeds, Dexter, Family Guy, Two and half Men.

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