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You Must Be The Change You Wish To See In The World...

I'm a strong, proud Young Mexican woman raised in the Northwest side of our beautiful city of Chicago, but I now reside in the Southside (Midway Area). I'm laid back. I LOVE movie nights, whether it's at the theater, or at home. I also enjoy bowling even though I'm not great at it, I have a couple of drinks and pretend I know what I'm doing when I throw the ball. I also enjoy going to games, plays, the lakefront to meditate, shopping, and all that girlie crap most women like to do. On my days off I spend time with my loved ones and catch up on chores.

Want More..? Ask Me & I'll Tell You : )

Likes: lovely, smart, charismatic, hard working, big heart, independent...

Turn-offs: lazy, dishonest, settles for less...



I really enjoy doing community service. I used to do alot of that when I lived up north, but it's pretty hard now due to my busy schedule. I think that it's a beautiful and honorable thing when people help each other out.

Favorite movies

WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY too many too keep track of!!!!! I'm a BIG time movie goer!!!

Favorite music

I must say that I am definately a NEO SOUL & R&B lover... It is one of my weakness, and JILL SCOTT, CHAKA, AALIYAH & many more are my pick. I like hip hop, except for that popcorn bull you hear on the radio now in days. I'm talkin bout WU TANG, TRIBE, DIGITAL UNDERGROUND, L.L., Common, etc... Gangsta rap... Alot of space is dedicated to 2Pac on my playlist... BIGGIE... DO OR DIE... TWISTA... BONE THUGZ... Can't forget about CRUCIAL CONFLICT... There's many more. I love spanish music. I enjoy boleros, merengue, bachata, SOME banda, cumbias, OL' SKOOL SALSA! like HECTOR LAVOE, GILBERTO SANTAROSA, GRUPO NICHE, EDDIE SANTIAGO... The list goes on & on... I like heavy metal, grunch, "alternative"... And of course I definately do love OL' SKOOL R&B... Gotta have my AL GREEN, ARETHA, GLADYS, MOTOWN'S FINEST, STEVIE, THE STYLISTICS... I like my CHICAGO HOUSE MUSIC, very little freestyle, some electronica/techno... Love REGGETON, POP, WOW... I guess I just LOVE music, period! I can dig almost anything, EXCEPT FOR COUNTRY, I do enjoy it to a certain extend. Like FAITH HILL, LE ANN RHYMES, TIM McGRAW, JEWEL... & I think that's about it. I'm pretty open minded though.

Favorite food

Anything healthy... Looking forward to my new healthier lifestyle!

Favorite TV shows

I don't really have time to sit down and watch T.V. But when I do, I definately gotta watch the news, The History Channel, The L Word, Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy, The Simpsons, Music Videos, ESPN CLASSIC... I'm sure there's more...

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