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Hi guys! I’m looking for the special person in my life. All he has to do, is introduce himself to me… hehe As for me, I’m Puerto Rican, about 180lbs, 5’11”, 32 waist, and hairy all over :) A few things about me: I'm allergic to naive people. I play video games. I can build PC's. I enjoy the thrill of roller coasters. I like going to a bar/club once in a while with friends. I have a 9-5, M-F job. I absolutely love to laugh. Off course, there is a lot more to me and if you’re interested, well… you get the point :) If you look like you can be my father/grandfather, chances are I won't be attracted to you. I'm not looking for someone with a perfect body, but if you look like John Candy, it's unlikely I'll be attracted to you. Don’t be shy and say “Hi”. I won’t bite (unless you want me to, lol). I enjoy chatting about a variety of topics and have lots to offer. P.S. Don't assume I can read or write Spanish, because I can't. I can speak it, but badly at that...

Likes: Face. Literally, if in my eyes, you have a cute face, that’s all the physical attraction I need. As for personality, just be able to think for yourself and not a follower of society.

Turn-offs: Physically, I’d have to say obesity and a face I don’t find attractive in my eyes. Naïve and religious individuals. People without a sense of humor.

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