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Southern State of Mind

I have been here in Chicago for about six years now. Lived in DC previously, and Kodiak, Alaska before that while I was in the Coast Guard. I would consider myself masculine; I have a goatee, and always have a smile on my face. I love life and love to make people laugh and smile, especially make people feel better about themselves. I do move very slow, so please don't expect me to rush into anything. I like to get to know people first off. I enjoy listening and will always be there for whoever earns my love and respect.

I'm a chill Southern guy living in the big city. I have been here almost 3 years. I lived in DC before here and Kodiak, Alaska before that while I was in the Coast Guard. You'll learn that I'm very laid-back, masculine, and proud of who I am. Extremely nice and always smiling. I like to stay in shape and love swimming. Genuinely happy and always Living the Dream!

Likes: Low key, genuine, considerate, someone who loves to smile, down to Earth. One who loves to cuddle!

Turn-offs: Aggressive, selfish, someone who only wants sex. Arrogance.



I enjoy going to plays, going to the movies, small concert venues, dive bars. Love trying new restaurants. I also enjoy watching movies at home. I like to keep in shape; I try to work out often, enjoy swimming and jogging. I love to travel as well.

Favorite movies

The Big Lebowski, The Blues Brothers, Inception, The Departed, Star Wars, The Bourne Trilogy, Dr. Strangelove.

Favorite food

Mexican, Indian, Thai and Cuban.

Favorite TV shows

Seinfeld, Third Rock from the Sun, Big Bang Theory, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Family Guy, Oz, The Walking Dead, Weeds.

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