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NYE in Chicago is awesome, better than San Francisco.

Well, not good at describing myself. My friends say I am a good person, handsome, good sense of humor, and very caring.

Friendly, faithful, happy, stubborn, a little bit of everything.

Likes: We have to talk first to let you know this

Turn-offs: There are many, but i don't judge people, I like to give the benefit of the doubt.



Riding my bike, reading, dining out, watching movies, but i guess my favorite interest is reading really good books.

Favorite movies

The kite runner, The devil wears prada, Torch song trilogy, Happy Feet, Anastasia, Brokeback mountain, and many many more

Favorite music

Pretty much everyting

Favorite food


Favorite TV shows

The golden Girls, Will and Grace, Queer as Folk, (I watch the LOGO channel usually)

Reeling Film Festival 2014 Reeling 32 Film Festival
Northalsted Dental Spa
Reeling Film Festival 2014 Reeling 32 Film Festival
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