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change is in the air.....

They speak of people who are engulfed in passion. they live according to one thing that means the most to them. well, im one of those people and my passion is music. i get lost in it. i live it everyday. play it, sing it, perform it. its my life. im a very personable person. i get along with everyone and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. i enjoy going out but i mostly enjoy the comforts of my own home and just relaxing. i dont know what i guess that will do

im a very easy going guy. im passionate about music and i give everyone the benefit of the doubt. i enjoy quiet things, but like to let loose once and awhile. friends and family are very important to me, and my well being and happiness comes first before anything.

Likes: a good mind is the biggest turn-on. you can be hot but that can only go so far.

Turn-offs: iggnorance and stupidity

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music, film, astronomy, world and us history, poker, literature, astrology, politics, a whole bunch of stuff.

Favorite movies

magnolia, boogie nights, fargo, schindler's list, drop dead gorgeous, casino, camelot, halloween

Favorite music

too many to list....but a few include tori amos, fiona apple, aimee mann, marilyn manson, bjork, matchbox 20, madonna, janet, michael jackson, feist, white stripes....just to name a few

Favorite food

pizza...does there have to be anything else!

Favorite TV shows

24, lost, six feet under, x files, SVU, monk, psych, burn notice




Reeling Film Festival 2014 Reeling 32 Film Festival
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