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Soft Stud

Hey ladies, I am looking for friends. Is there any sexy ladies out there that I can call a friend? If you are the one, leave me a message and I promise... I will... get right back...with you.

I am an attractive sagittarius that love to travel and see new places. That's enough for now, let me know about you.

Likes: sexy submissive women.

Turn-offs: smokers, over aggressiveness



I love to travel. I cruise at least once a year. I love hanging with friends. I also love being with close friends.

Favorite movies

Suspense, horror, and thrillers.

Favorite music

jazz, classical, r&b, rap, soul,and gospel

Favorite food

American food, Soul food

Favorite TV shows

House, NBA, First 48hrs., Saved by the Bell, Big Love, True Blood, Treme, The Tudors, Wipeout, Law and Order,(SVU) and The real L Word, etc.



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Hey how are you and the wife doing? Just stopped by to greet ya!

cutechicago3 on 09.16.10 | comment

Awww, how sweet! Wasn't it just the best day ever??? You two look great... creative venue choice. It's beautiful to see other lesbian couples take that step : )


prettylezmami on 08.22.07 | comment

Morgan Stanley
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