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Outgoing. nerd. sing and dance in the shower. open-minded and spontaneous. Live for the moment.Love to be able to wake you up in the wee hours just to tell you something exciting. Everything happens for a reason. Karma is a bitch and ive met her a few times. My knight in shining armor turned out to be a douche bag in aluminum foil. Love is a mystery. That feeling that comes once in a lifetime is amazing. i never want to grow up. i love to watch cartoons. cry in sappy movies and music videos. sentimental and memories and momentos last a lifetime. Swiffer naked and Top/Chef in the underoos. Rainbows and puppies make me happy. quarter machine rings, bubbles and kites make me excited. dorky. happy. sad. loud. quiet. free. sarcastic. caring. my closet is organized by color. rainbow. slightly ocd. love to dance. Ellen is my hero....this is me...

Turn-offs: I love to alwatys have someone there...but not be smothered.

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