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Never Grow Up! Never Grow Up!

I like to be physically active. I like to rollerblade, bike, run, play tennis and golf. I snowboard and play racquetball in the winter. I like quit time too such as, movies, theater, dinner and a snuggle nap on the couch too!

I am looking for a guy who wants to play with me in other ways besides sex.

Likes: I like slim guys that are younger than me and weight and height proportionate. I like a guy who is somewhat physically active.

Turn-offs: I do not like smokers and facial hair or facial piercing. I am not fond of effeminate or dishonest guys.


Favorite music

Like all music types

Up Center champaign
Reeling Film Festival 2014 Reeling 32 Film Festival
Gay Days Six Flags Gay Day Six Flags
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