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I'm fun, caring, outgoing (once you get to know me) intelligent, great at communicating and am a fantastic listener. My dream is to be a published writer and once I graduate from 2 years of associates and than 4 years of college I wish to enter into the field of education. But my biggest dream is keeping the hope that there is someone for everyone.

Likes: I love intelligent, fun, humorous, honest, true and confident women. I love doing things spontanious as well as just kicking back and relaxing to a good movie at home.

Turn-offs: I can't tolerate anyone who tries to form me into the lady of their dreams. If you don't like me from the get go than I'm not the one for you. I also don't like it when anyone falsely portrays themselves. If you can't be yourself than how can I trust you? I also hate it when anyone thinks of using me for sex or as a rebound girl. I've no time for games. My heart and soul deserve far better treatment and friends.




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