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I lied about this profile i wasnt never 25 i created this when i was 17 nd had to lie bout my age. Ive grown up from the last about me sentences I wrote. My real age is now 21 and i now live in chicago. I might b lookin for a date maybe a lil fun or friends is perfectly fine. Im mature for my age and been thru a journey since when i used to live with my parents i thought i knew what the real world and mature was defined as. Fuck said too much already, get at me if u want to knw more. Im not that coo if u dnt come up correct. Im coo when u know how to b normal and sincere. Honesty is great but i understand its not easy for some, i know the feeling. Now i aint got nothing to hide but always manly type of guy here. So i expect the same from those who are trying to get to know me more then or to get other things around that started.

A really cool down 2 earth nigga just trying to make it thru life by going to school and working on getting another job besides the one that i have now. Open minded about things.

Likes: A great personallity, funny, straight acting and appearing got to have their own ride bcuz i dont like to be the 1 2 pick ur lame ass up

Turn-offs: People who make it abvious that want to get in my pants.Gurly guys who look and talk like it. Liers



Working on myself everyday, while focusing on a lot of other things too. Currently interested in changing myself up more, like working out or playing athletic sports. had to clarify for those who think dirty. Love food, nd like movies comedy is always first. books i want to try again but that goes the same for school.

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