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I've been biding my time... Been so subtly kind...

I'm turning 29 this year and it will be my last twenties...I wonder how it feels to be in the 30s.

I'm not straight, I'm not gay, I'm not bi, I'm I...LOL

Likes: when you're so hot and you don't even know it.

Turn-offs: Money is not everything. Love, relationship, family, & friends come first.



Movies, Anime, Graphics Design, Rendering, Volleyball, Badminton, Softball, Gymnastics, Gym, Online chats, Photography, Sewing, Painting

Favorite movies

Lilies, While you were sleeping, Devil wears prada, The Holiday, X-men, Narnia, Kinsey, Margaret Cho, Brokeback Mountain, Sailormoon, Vicky Christina, Blindness

Favorite music

Lately: Daughtry, Sia, Skunk Anansie, Gaga, Wonder Girls, BoA, Kpop, Jpop Electropop usually...La Roux, The Sounds, Ladytron, Gwen, Polysics, Knife, Mika, Kylie, Jem, Ivy, I'm quite eclectic. Utada Hikaru, Michelle Tumes

Favorite food mom's food. Korean, Japanese, Ethiopian, Greek Filipino hotdogs, spaghetti with Hotdogs, Soft shell crab, Spicy Salt pork

Favorite TV shows

HGTV shows, Project Runway, John and Kate plus 8, Ally Mc Beal, Xena, Sailormoon, Family Guy, Simpsons, The Closer, Drawn Together, Popular 1st season.




Hey you! I've not seen you in a while. I hope this finds you well!


cpbill on 08.31.09 | comment

Thanks for your Love and Support!
-Miss Foozie

missfoozie on 03.13.09 | comment

It's all good! :^) Hope you are doing well! Mwuah!

agape_eros_logos on 03.09.09 | comment

Happy to have met you last weekend! :^)

agape_eros_logos on 02.28.09 | comment

GREAT to see you last night A!

cpbill on 02.27.09 | comment

Yes... I crash early! Did you have fun at Foozie's show?

cpsteve on 12.16.08 | comment

yeah i get to pop your comment cherry HA- thanks for the add hot stuff

rofan21 on 10.02.08 | comment

Up Center champaign
Reeling Film Festival 2014 Reeling 32 Film Festival
Gay Days Six Flags Gay Day Six Flags
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